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Jetstar - 12 Days of Christmas

In 2017 Jetstar approached me, they wanted to promote amazing city destinations in New Zealand.  They asked an artist from each town to pick an iconic spot that they loved about their area and collage it digitally with their artwork.

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Allbirds Collaboration

Being a creative person you get asked to do all sorts of crazy stuff. Christmas time a few years ago 2017 to be exact, I was approached by Allbirds, if you don't know what they are you have been hiding away from fashion. They are a very cool footwear company who's ethos is to create an enviromentally hip product. 

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Creating A Ripple...

Hello artlovers, I seem to be attracting lot's of interest in my work lately, which is FANTASTIC... got a few colaberations going down... I had a great chat to George Arthur-Amohau from Creative Ripple last week... Here's the article he posted on their site.... Creative Ripple's Article

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