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Allbirds Collaboration

Allbirds Collaboration

Being a creative person you get asked to do all sorts of crazy stuff. Christmas time a few years ago 2017 to be exact, I was approached by Allbirds, if you don't know what they are you have been hiding away from fashion. They are a very cool footwear company who's ethos is to create an enviromentally hip product.

It was all started by a New Zealander's vision. They were shocked to find in the USA alone 4 million tones of Christmas gift wrapping goes into landfill. Allbirds try to strive to make better things in better ways from their shoes to their packaging. Sooo they wanted a few select artists to share some inspiration and use recycled/upcycled creative ideas for 'giftwrapping' an Allbirds shoe box packing.

Well what fun! I used my scrap gold leaf bits and the white tissue dividers of the gold leaf and created a fun fluffy sparkling shoe package to delight. I origami-ed the tissue into little crane birds and piled up the scrap gold leaf on top. check out the result and a few other inspirations.

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