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Rae West

Rae West began her career as a graphic designer based in Sydney, developing an eye for composition and design. Rae eventually returned to New Zealand and moved toward fine art, following in the footsteps of her grandmother who she had watched as a child painting and creating. Rae experimented with resin and inks and quickly developed a distinct style.

Her works pulse with the kinetic freedom of fluidity and light.

She uses multiple veils of pigment, resin and ink, which blend and react against each other creating beautiful forms and textures. The end results are spontaneous, subconscious, and sensual.

She is based just outside Napier, in a sea-side village called Haumoana. Visitors are always welcome.

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Review from Black Door Gallery - January 2020.

"West approaches painting with a contemporary attitude. Her method is free from traditional oil or acrylic paints, even departs from the use of brushes, palettes and easels. Instead, West takes to her work with free pouring techniques, layering resin over gold leaf to create sensuous and fluid pieces.The word that comes to mind when viewing West's work is FLOW. Her compositions feel like they are still in motion, flowing and fleeting. This term is also used in psychology to describe a state of being 'in the zone' . That feeling of complete immersion in an activity, with an energized focus. After some 6 years of working with resin Rae now certainly works with a sense of flow.2020 will see West embark on a new series of work. The new series will use multiple layers of hazy resin to create a sense of movement that stretches into the distance. These works a reminiscent of looking into the fluxing movements of water and smokey light. The richness of these pieces is aided by the light that comes from the base layer of gold leaf, and also the natural light that bounces off the the resin surface. The results are deep radient images"


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