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SIMBA PORTRAITS 33cm  $125 each gold leaf base

SIMBA PORTRAITS 33cm $125 each gold leaf base

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SIMBA PORTRAITS are original artwork by Rae West. Made with layers of Resin and Inks. 33cm wide.

Available to purchase straight from the site through pay pal , or e mail me direct

There is a long story behind this series, but the short of it is I wanted to continue to contribute to the story in Africa of Empowering Women. In the last 2 years I have worked and volunteered in Ghana and Tanzania, and meet many astonishing woman with unbelievable stories and lives. One is Agnes Temba. And if given the opportunities I have had in NZ, I know she would be an incredible business woman and mother. She is also my friend and doing it HARD with dignity and beauty and soul . So I want to contribute a percentage of this series sales to her, so she can continue her vision of creating a business to support her children and their education.