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JESTER Abstract Print
JESTER Abstract Print
JESTER Abstract Print

JESTER Abstract Print

Regular price $56.00

JESTER Abstract Print 

My new works pulse with the kinetic freedom of fluidity and light. I uses multiple veils of pigment, resin and ink, which blend and react against each other creating beautiful forms and textures. 

The end results are spontaneous, subconscious, and sensual.

I have chosen a selection of my Abstract Paintings to go to print from size A3 to AO. 

Giclee printing is a method of high quality fine art printing using an inkjet printer. It is used for archival reproductions of original artworks, the level of detail and colour surpasses any other form of digital printing. All my prints use archival inks and acid free paper.

Please note the size indicates the paper size, the image will sit  as large as looks good inside these dimensions.

It is digitally signed for copyright

A3 297mm x 420mm $89  image size approx 23cm

A2 420mm x 594mm $149 image size approx 33cm

A1 594mm x 841mm $289

A0 841mm x 1189mm $429